Sgt. Keller recognized for act of kindness

Steve Keller - Copy  Sgt Keller thank you no last name

(July 20, 2022 - Blue Ash)

Sgt. Steve Keller is being commended by the Blue Ash Police Department for an act of kindness.

An Indiana woman was stranded in Blue Ash after her wallet was stolen. She had no way to pay for gasoline to get her and her daughter back home.

Sgt. Keller paid for her tank of gas out of his pocket. He didn’t ask for reimbursement and didn’t tell his supervisor that he had done this good deed.

A few weeks later, he received a thank you note and a check from the woman to repay him for the fuel purchase.

Sgt. Keller donated the money to the Blue Ash Police Association.

In her thank you note, Kimberly stated, “your willingness to pay for a tank of gas to get my daughter and me back home safely was beyond the call of duty – and so greatly appreciated during such a stressful experience.”