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Here's what you get when you join the Recreation Center:

Memberships may be purchased from the Welcome Desk Monday-Friday 6 AM - 7 PM and Saturday-Sunday 10 AM - 2 PM. The entire fee must be paid and proof of residency/employment in Blue Ash must be shown at the time of purchase or renewal. 

Applications and verification are required each year. Memberships expire one year from the date of purchase. Members are entitled to priority registration and discounted rates for some classes and programs.

A Membership Application Form must be returned in its entirety for a Recreation Center Membership.  ALL APPLICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP MUST INCLUDE A SIGNED WAIVER OF LIABILITY.
Membership Application/Renewal Form (Updated 11/2022)
Waiver of Liability
UC Blue Ash Student Membership Form (Updated 5/2018)


Membership Type Single Family
Resident $75 $150
Business $225 $450
Resident Senior/Disabled $37.50 $75
Business Senior/Disabled $112.50 $225
UC Blue Ash $130 N/A

Resident Memberships
Resident applicants must present a valid driver's license and proof of residency in the City of Blue Ash (current utility bill within the last 30 days or lease showing Blue Ash mailing address).

Senior Citizen Memberships
Senior citizens receive 50% off the listed membership fee. A senior citizen is any person age 62 or older. A senior citizen and/or his/her spouse may purchase the membership at the discounted rate. Senior citizen family memberships may include the senior citizen, his/her spouse, and dependent children (age 24 and under) living full-time in the household.

Memberships for Individuals with Disabilities
Applicants with disabilities receive 50% off the listed membership fees. A citizen with disabilities is anyone unable to engage in substantial, gainful activity, based on a medically determinable physical impairment. If the resident head of household, or the full-time employee in Blue Ash meets the definition of a citizen with disabilities (state verification required), his/her family membership may be purchased at 50% off the listed membership fee.

Business Memberships
To be eligible to purchase a business membership, you must be an employee in Blue Ash to qualify. Business applicants must present a valid driver's license, and an original, current pay stub showing the payment of Blue Ash City tax.

Family Memberships
The following guidelines are used to define a family membership:
  • One individual and legally claimed dependent(s) (24 years or younger).
  • Two individuals who maintain a legal marital relationship with one another.
  • Two individuals who maintain a legal marital relationship with one another and legally claimed dependent(s).

*Elderly parents or adult children (25 years or older) can be included in a family membership if they are legally claimed as dependents.*

UC Blue Ash Student Memberships
Full-time students who are attending UC Blue Ash (and expect to maintain that status for the upcoming year) qualify for membership to the Recreation Center.  Proper verification will be required annually.


  • Yes, that is correct. All facility members who meet the minimum age requirements will now have the ability to take any of our current premium or basic fitness classes at no additional cost.  This is a $780 value.
  • This helps to create an all-inclusive membership pass that gives our members a more rounded experience and better opportunities for a healthier lifestyle by enjoying our incredible offerings of professionally led group fitness classes. 


  •  All Annual Single Membership Passes will receive (3) Free Guest Passes
  • All Annual Family Membership Passes will receive (5) Free Guest Passes
  • $10 Guest fee for members ages 16 to 61
  • $5 Guest fee for members ages 3-15 and 62+

Members aged 12 and above are welcome to bring up to five (5) guests per day to the Recreation Center. All guests aged 11 and under must be accompanied by a responsible individual aged 15 or older.

Guests who are 18 years of age and older must present a valid photo ID to the front desk and pool entrance attendants. All guests are required to sign the guest check-in sheet upon arrival. 

Guests of members have the same facility privileges as the member they are accompanying. Guests will be limited if facility is at or near capacity.  Please note that all members & guests must have a reservation to participate in a fitness class.

Lockers can be rented on a yearly basis for a $25  fee.  Lockers are also available for DAILY use by bringing in your own lock to use during your visit.  Daily-use lockers that have locks left on them will be cut off and the contents of the locker removed on a nightly basis.

Click here for current information on facility policies and rules.