How Do I...

How do I report an issue or problem?

If you are familiar with how to report a problem through CAGIS CLICK HERE, otherwise see the instructions below.

Is there a problem pothole in your neighborhood? Too many weeds? A road drainage issue? Or something else that needs to be fixed? You are in the right place. The City of Blue Ash partners with the Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System (CAGIS) to help residents report issues involving Public Works and Community Development. This user-friendly interface funnels requests to City Departments so that you and City Employees can track problems and ensure they are fixed in a timely manner. If you want to learn more, you will find directions below and also a list of the types of problems/issues you can get solved through CAGIS.

CAGIS does not cover every issue.  Click the links below for help in these areas:
For street light outage reports, click here for the Duke Energy Street and Area Light Repair online tool.
For non-emergency Police Department requests, click here for contact information.
For non-emergency Fire Department requests, click here for contact information.  
For other issues and problems not listed below, click here for City Department contact information.  


To begin your request - go to the CAGIS website 
and click “request service."
020821 new cagis 1
“Step 1: Find your location” - On the left, you will see a map, on the right you will see a field to enter an address. You will use one or the other to submit the address of the location of the issue or problem. Once you have entered the address click “next.” 020821 new cagis 2
“Step 2: Service Type” - Click “choose a category.” You will be able to select from a drop-down menu with the following service types. (To have your request properly routed, please select a category that best fits your request.)

  • Animals
    •  Dead Animal Removal
  • Buildings
    • Loose Gutters, Shingles, Siding, etc.
  • Streets & Sidewalks
    • Litter, Roadside Trash
    • Pothole Repair
    • Sidewalk Damaged
    • Snow/Ice, Salt Spill on Street
    • Streets, Curb/Gutter Damaged
  • Traffic Signals
    • Traffic Signal - Bulb Outage
    • Traffic Signal- Inoperable
    • Traffic Signal- Malfunction
  • Trees, Bushes, Grass & Weeds
    • Grass or Weeds Too Tall
    • Trees/Bushes -Sight Problems
    • Tree- Private Property -Blocking Sidewalk
    • Tree- Private Property- General Hazard
  • Litter, Waste & Recycling
    • Appliance with Freon pickup
    • Dumping, Illegal
    • Litter, Garbage, or Waste on Private Property
    • Recycling- Missed Pickup
    • Recycling Bin/Cart Order or Repair
    • Waste-Missed Pickup
    • Waste- Wheeler Order or Repair
    • Waste/Recycle - Complaint w/ Rumpke
020821 new cagis 3
Provide additional details in the box to the right. Be as specific as possible. For example, “the pothole is located in the center of the right lane if you are heading northbound on Reed Hartmann Highway near Cornell Rd.”
You now have the option to upload a photo. To upload, click "browse file" to select a photo from your computer or device.   Click “next.”
 020821 new cagis 4
“Contact Details” - Provide your name, email address, and phone number so you can be reached if there are any questions about your request. Check the box next to “I’m not a robot” and click “submit request.” 020821 new cagis 5
"Service Request Submitted” - This is confirmation that your request was completed.  Congratulations you have requested a service through CAGIS!  020821 new cagis 6