Community Development

Property Maintenance

Please direct any questions to Planning and Zoning Administrator Paul Kleier at or 513-745-8542.

The role of property maintenance personnel is to ensure compliance with the City’s Property Standards so that Blue Ash remains a desirable residential and business community.

Strategies for enforcement of the Property Standards and other relevant sections of the Codified Ordinances include regular inspections throughout the City, prompt response to complaints, cooperation with property and business owners, and coordination with other City departments.

The Property Standards can be found by clicking here and reviewing part seventeen of the Codified Ordinances. Compliance with these Standards promotes the health, safety, and well-being of residents, properties, and neighborhoods by protecting property values against deteriorating influences. A property maintenance checklist can be viewed here. This will assist property owners in preemptively evaluating the condition of their property.

Please report property maintenance concerns here and provide as much information as possible. 

(Updated: September 6, 2019)