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Please note that our Right of Way Permit has been updated.  Please use the updated version linked below.

In accordance with Chapter 949 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Blue Ash, a “City of Blue Ash Permit to Work or Excavate in the Public Right of Way” form must be issued to all utilities (public and private), telecommunications companies, cable television companies, and any other company, agency, or individual proposing to do work within the City’s right of way. Individual agency or company forms are not accepted. This permit is required for all types of work within the right of way, even if excavation, digging, grinding or cutting is not involved. This permit serves as the permittee's Right of Way Work Permit. Permits must be issued prior to performing work. Emergency repairs (water line break, downed utility lines, sewer back-up, electric or gas service repair, etc.) may proceed prior to receiving a permit provided the City is notified as promptly as possible before commencing of work or within twenty-four (24) hours after commencing such work if advance notice is not practicable. A separate permit is required for each area of work.  

In addition to the above described permit, for companies or agencies (telecommunications, cable television, utilities, etc.) proposing to occupy a significant section of the right of way for facilities or equipment, a "City of Blue Ash Right of Way Use/Occupancy Permit" is also required in accordance with Chapter 949. This permit authorizes a company or agency to occupy portions of the City's right of way only. Insurance requirements are shown in Section 949.10(d) of Chapter 949 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Blue Ash and must be maintained by all agencies. 
Chapter 949 of Codified Ordinanaces 

Applications may be filled out by using the below PDF forms, printed (set printer for 2-sided printing to include page 2 for both types of permit applications), signed, emailed or sent to the Public Works Director's office at the City of Blue Ash Municipal & Safety Center, 4343 Cooper Road 45242, including the required items listed below. The application with an original signature must be received by the City for approval. For emergency utility work, permits may be emailed or faxed to the attention of the Public Works Director's office at (513) 745-8594 granted the original, signed application is promptly mailed to the City. Applications may also be obtained during normal office hours (8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) from the City's Receptionist or through the mail by calling the Public Works Director's office at (513) 745-8538. Questions regarding permits should be directed to the Public Works Director's office.
Right of Way Permit Guidelines
Specifications for Concrete Drive Approaches
Standard Subdivision Specifications for Residential and Commercial
Directions to the City of Blue Ash Municipal & Safety Center

This permit is for any work done in the right of way except for new telecommunication airspace use (see the next permit below). Approval requires all information requested on the permit application be filled out in full, one copy of the work plan (drawing or sketch), a $50.00 permit fee (checks should be made out to the City of Blue Ash, Ohio) and a street opening bond covering a one-year period from the estimated time of completion of the work (use your insurance/bonding agency's form) or an umbrella bond which should end on the last day of the following year. We do not require a permit fee or bond from residents doing the work for themselves. Required fees and bonds for utility companies are determined by the City on an individual basis. Bond fees are as follows:

    • $5,000 - Main Arterial Streets - Reed Hartman Highway, Cornell Road, Kenwood Road, Glendale-Milford Road, Pfeiffer Road and Plainfield Road (Cooper to Reed Hartman Highway)
    • $5,000 - Downtown Area
    • $3,000 - All other City streets
    • $10,000 - Blanket Renewable Bond  - For contractors performing several jobs in the City during the construction season. A separate permit must be issued for each job.

Click here for a fill-in application entitled "Work or Excavate in the Public Right of Way Permit" (Updated 03.15.22).


This permit is for new telecommunication airspace use only. Approval requires all information requested on the permit application be filled out in full, provide preliminary engineering plans, specifications, a detailed network map of facilities to be located within the City, fees based on the amount of area requested for use, a $5,000 performance bond or other acceptable bonding instrument dated one year beyond the work completion date (see 949.06(b)(11)), a letter of approval if attaching to any facilities (poles, underground areas, etc.), and a Certification of Insurance listing Blue Ash as an additional insured (see 949.10(d)). A check (made out to the City of Blue Ash, Ohio), money order, or cash are accepted. Fees are as follows:

      • Telecommunication or Utility - $200 - 20 miles or less of right of way; $400 - Over 20 miles
      • Special - 10 cents per lineal foot - 10 cents X ____ L.F. = FEE
      • Residents - No Fee

Click here for a fill-in application for new telecommunication airspace use entitled "Right of Way/Occupancy Use Permit"

In accordance with Blue Ash Codified Ordinance Chapter 339, any movement of an overweight/oversized load vehicle through the municipality will require a permit authorizing an applicant to move such overweight/oversize vehicle or combination of vehicles upon local streets. A permit will be issued for a single or round trip, or for such period of time, not to exceed one year, as deemed advisable, or for the duration of any construction project. The City may limit or prescribe terms or conditions of operation for such vehicle or combination of vehicles by designating the route, hours, speed or such other restrictions as may be necessary for the preservation of the public peace, property, health and safety.

Each permit application must include a $10.00 permit fee (cash or check) and a COI (Certificate of Insurance), listing the City of Blue Ash as the Certificate Holder, which will be kept on file until it expires. An annual permit may be permitted that includes each piece of equipment that may travel through the City during the year.

Click here for a fill-in application for an "Overweight/Oversize Load Permit"
Click here for a fill-in application for an annual "Overweight/Oversize Load Permit"

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