Blue Ash Police and City crews help rescue ducklings

(April 23, 2021 - Blue Ash)

Blue Ash Police Officers and City Maintenance crews helped to rescue several ducklings that swam into a pond overflow drain in the Blue Ash Nature Park on Tuesday.

The rescue was captured on police body cameras. See the video above and on YouTube from Officer Jason Huff’s body cam.

The rescue operation began when the Police Department received a call from a woman at the park who heard the mother duck loudly quacking and then heard the baby ducks down in the drain. 

Police Chief Scott Noel went out to investigate and called the Blue Ash Facilities Maintenance team to help with the rescue.

Technician Kevin Asbrock was able to use a pool strainer to pull the ducklings to safety. 

Blue Ash Firefighters were also standing by to offer additional assistance if needed.

Once free, the ducklings quickly swam to their mother.