Emerald Ash Borer tree removal in Blue Ash

(July 1, 2020 - Blue Ash)

If you have overhead power lines adjoining your property, you may be contacted about the removal of trees impacted by Emerald Ash borers, a wood-boring beetle.

To help improve the reliability of its service, Duke Energy is implementing an Emerald Ash Borer Program to reduce the risk of trees falling onto power lines, which can cause outages and hinder safe operations, according to a letter sent to Blue Ash residents (click here to view PDF)

Representatives from Duke Energy will be in local neighborhoods to talk with affected landowners. 

If you have trees that have been identified by Duke Energy to be removed, be sure to read over any contractor contracts thoroughly before you sign.

If you wish to have the remaining logs and stumps removed from your property, be sure the removal service is included in your contract.

To learn more about the emerald ash borer, please visit emeraldashborer.info.