Blue Ash Fire will welcome new roommates from Sharonville

(January 14, 2020 - Blue Ash)

Blue Ash Firefighters will be getting new roommates on January 18.

The Blue Ash Fire Department is offering up living space in the North Fire Station for two Sharonville firefighters as Sharonville Fire Station 87 on Reading Rd. gets an overhaul. One of the Sharonville Fire Engines will also be temporarily housed in the North Fire Station garage in Blue Ash.

Blue Ash is providing the accommodations at no charge to help Sharonville maintain their full slate of services while the renovations are underway.  

“Last summer I heard that Sharonville was looking for a rental space to house the crew while station 87 was being renovated,” said Blue Ash Fire Chief Chris Theders. “The original space they were looking at was not able to accommodate E-87 inside and the vehicle would need to run 24 hours a day during the winter so the water would not freeze. I reached out to Chief Kirk Mousa and extended the invitation for E-87 and the crew to stay here while the work was being done on their station.”

The decision to help was an easy one to make, said Theders.

“We have a great working relationship with Sharonville and would help out any way we can.  It is our honor to help them during this period, I know they would do the same for us,” Theders said.

The new living arrangements are expected to last through August.