New auto-mowers in use at the Blue Ash Golf Course

BAGC new automower on grass

(April 23, 2024 - Blue Ash)

The Blue Ash Golf Course is now one of the few golf courses in Ohio with robotic lawnmowers!

The two, low-profile Husqvarna Automowers are being used 24/7 to keep the course in tip-top shape.

Antennas on the Cooper Creek Event Center, GPS, and a geofence help to keep the mowers on track.

They run autonomously but can also be controlled from anywhere through an app and Bluetooth.  

The mowers will auto-adjust to specific grass heights and are barely audible. When their batteries run low, they will return to their docks to recharge.

The mowers also have several safety features. They will stop for an obstacle and go around it. If the mower is picked up, it will automatically shut off.  An alarm will sound if it goes outside of the geofence. 

Watch the mowers in action on YouTube here.