VIDEO: Student wins ride to school in a Blue Ash Fire truck

(January 30, 2024 - Blue Ash)

A local student won a ride to school in a Blue Ash Fire truck!

Maanya won the trip through a PTO fundraiser and brought her best friend, Isla, along for the ride.

Maanya’s mom, Maya, said that while they were in the fire truck on their way to school yesterday morning, the girls asked what firefighters do.  She told them, “firefighters are like superheroes who protect us from fire and other dangers. When there is a fire, they rush to the rescue, wearing special gear to keep them safe. They go into burning buildings to save people and animals, even when it's really scary. They are so brave and courageous because they put themselves in danger to help others. Firefighters are our everyday heroes, and we are so grateful for everything they do to keep us safe.”

Maanya and Isla were greeted by classmates when they arrived at Blue Ash Elementary School.