The Blue Ash Fire Department expands its Bike Medic Program

four fire department medic bikes

(October 25, 2023 - Blue Ash)

The Blue Ash Fire Department has added two new bikes to its Special Events Bike Medic Program. 

The additional bikes allow Blue Ash Medics to increase response times in areas not accessible by fire/EMS vehicles and golf carts during the many special events around the City.

During Red, White & Blue Ash where crowds can reach over 100,000, adding a second bike team will allow crews to respond more quickly and more efficiently than riding in a cart or on foot.

It also allows the department to respond to additional calls when the first bike team is already engaged in another call for service. 

The bikes are set up to be operated in teams of two personnel. Each set carries enough medical equipment to handle most emergencies. 

The additional bikes were purchased with funds received from selling a medical golf cart, which was at the end of its rotation within the department.