BAFD trains with U.C. Simulation Lab and Air Care

(September 26, 2023 - Blue Ash)

The Blue Ash Fire Department (BAFD) participated in a joint training exercise with U.C. Simulation Lab and Air Care today that simulated a man being trapped by an auger. 

The demonstration involved a life-like, animatronic mannequin with an amputated leg that was partially trapped in the drilling equipment. Crews had to stop the bleeding, call Air Care to the scene, stabilize and intubate the patient, extract him from the auger, and transfer him to a stretcher.

“Training on a variety of scenarios is crucial to what we do,” said Fire Chief Chris Theders.  “It’s important that we involve our partners, like Air Care, in our simulations to experience the full scope of an emergency situation to help us prepare, plan, and work together.”

Training simulations will also be held tomorrow and Thursday so all BAFD shifts can participate.