VIDEOS: Learn how you can get around, visit landmarks, and job hunt on two new Metro bus routes in Blue Ash!

(June 21, 2023 - Blue Ash)

Metro has two new routes serving Blue Ash! To help residents, employees, and potential job seekers navigate the new routes, the City and Metro worked together to create three quick, educational videos. 

Video 1: Metro: how to ride the new bus routes in Blue Ash

Video 2: Metro takes you to points of interest in Blue Ash

Video 3: Blue Ash job seekers and employees can get to work on the Metro

“We wanted to make these videos easy to digest and informative for people who may have little to no experience riding Metro,” said Blue Ash Communications Coordinator Rachel Murray. “It was great to work with the Metro team and City staff to show a hands-on bus riding experience to viewers.”

The videos will also be shared on social media and can be found on YouTube here.

To learn more about routes 5 and 67, click here.