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Plainfield Roundabouts Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the roundabout increase cut-through traffic in the Peppermill Subdivision? The Plainfield/Hunt Roundabouts project is expected to reduce cut through traffic in all of the neighborhoods near this corridor. Vehicles traveling during heavy traffic times try to find the path of least resistance. By improving traffic flow along the main corridors, backups can be reduced and in some instances eliminated which will reduce overall travel times along the corridor. This project will create a corridor that is not only safer, but will provide for much more efficient travel, which will reduce cut through traffic.
  • Will there be accommodations for pedestrians crossing at the roundabout? Pedestrian safety is a primary concern for the City and will be accounted for during the design process.  New sidewalks are planned for this corridor with replacement of the existing sidewalks and new sidewalks planned for the east side of Plainfield from Peppermill to Hunt Road.  Roundabouts are designed to operate at much lower vehicle speeds, typically 20mph or less.  Vehicles are required to yield to pedestrians at the crosswalks prior to entering the roundabout and before exiting the roundabout.
  • What will the source of funds be for ROW acquisition and construction? At this time, what is the total estimated cost of the project?  The project estimate is around $15.5 million for engineering, Right of Way, construction, and construction administration.  We have nearly $12 million in grant funding which includes Surface Transportation Program (STP) funding, Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ), and ODOT Safety funding.  These funding sources can be used for construction, ROW Acquisition, and construction administration.  At current estimates, the City match for the project is around $3.5 million.
  • Why is the project often referred to as the HAM-Plainfield Roundabouts project?  HAM is an abbreviation for Hamilton County.

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Page updated 01/20/2022