Public Works

Part of Plainfield Road closed for roundabout construction

The roundabout located at Plainfield Road and Parkview Drive opened to traffic in December of 2018. 
Why a roundabout?                                   
Roundabouts are safer and more efficient than a traditional intersection. The geometry creates a low speed (20-30mph) environment inside the circulatory roadway, as well as at the entry and exit locations. The design also prevents high angle crashes such as “T-bone” and left turn angle crashes. When compared to other intersections, roundabouts result in a 90% reduction in fatalities, 76% reduction in all injuries, and a 35% reduction in crashes.                                   
How do roundabouts affect traffic congestion?                                                                       
Drivers also have fewer delays in a roundabout. Drivers only have to watch for traffic from the left, and if there is an adequate gap available, they can enter the roundabout without stopping. Once in the roundabout, drivers have the right-of-way, so they will not have to stop or yield to exit. If the driver does need to yield at entry to traffic inside the roundabout, their delays are brief and typically less than the time they would have been delayed at a traffic signal.                                   
Why does this location require a roundabout?                                   
The intersection of Plainfield Road and Parkview Drive will be connected to a new roadway network within the 98-acre development known as the Neighborhoods at Summit Park. This roadway network will connect Plainfield Road, Malsbary Road, Carver Woods Drive and Glendale-Milford Road. Installing a roundabout at this location will provide improved connectivity with the City’s road network, provide a safer intersection improvement, and will accommodate future traffic demand. The roundabout will also help calm traffic on Plainfield Road.                                    
Please contact the City of Blue Ash Public Works Department at 745-8500 during regular office hours for questions regarding the roundabout. For information about roundabout safety and an FAQ, click here.