Salary & Benefits

The City of Blue Ash offers a wide range of benefits to full-time officers including:

1)     Health, dental, and vision coverage

2)     Holiday pay: 2x normal pay (holidays by contract); End of year bonus holiday check

3)     Special event pay: double time

4)     Court time: Off day-4 hours; Off time-3 hours, parking also paid for

5)     $800 uniform stipend

6)     $3,500 college tuition reimbursement

7)     Vacation time accrual: 12 days, add three days for every four years thereafter

8)     15 paid sick days per year (accumulating)

9)      Accumulate up to 200 hours of comp time

10)    $600, $300, $150 bonus for voluntary fitness test

11)    Free membership to the Blue Ash Recreation Center for employee and family

13)    Off-duty detail rate: $55-$60

14)    12-hour shifts

Additionally, full-time employees have access to Ohio's public pension systems (system dependent on department/classification) and voluntary deferred compensation options.  Specific information will be given at the time a job offer is extended to the successful candidate(s).

Salary: Pay Plan Rates for Patrol Officers


Step A

Step B

Step C

Step D

Step E

Step F






















If a new employee has related work experience and more than the minimum qualifications for the classification to which his position is assigned, he may be hired above the minimum rate of pay and may be paid at an appropriate step within the range for the grade to which his position is assigned. 

The Employer agrees to pick up contributions to the Police and Fire Pension System paid on behalf of the employees in the bargaining unit utilizing the salary reduction method. The pick up shall become effective immediately following receipt of approval from the Internal Revenue Service. 

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