Tax Office

Tax Office

Blue Ash Tax Office          Phone:     513-745-8516                   Office Hours:  8AM to 5PM
4343 Cooper Road              Fax:         513-745-8651                   Monday – Friday, except Holidays
Blue Ash, Ohio 45242  (use only for general inquiries)             
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Tax Rate 1.25% on all earnings and net profits, effective January 1, 2007

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Tax Ordinance, eff. 2016 Tax Year
Tax Ordinance, eff. 2007-2015 Tax Years
Taxpayer Rights and Responsibilities

All residents 18 and over are required to file a Blue Ash tax return regardless of
whether tax is owed and regardless of whether or not a Federal or State return was filed.

to see the resident letter mailed to all Blue Ash residences on September 23, 2016  click here 

Individuals and Residents
        Due Dates

Individual Returns

By April 15th (if a weekend or holiday, then the next business day)

Estimated Payments

Required quarterly payments if estimated liability is $200 or greater.
1st pmt    
with filing, by April 15th
2nd pmt    by June 15th
3rd pmt     by September 15th
4th pmt     by January 15th
Balance   Due with next filing, April 15th

Note: The quarterly amounts due must reach a minimum of 90% of the declaration due by January 15th,
which equates to 22.5% due per quarter. 

Businesses and Employers
        Due Dates

Business Returns

By April 15th, or the 15th of the fourth month after fiscal year end

Withholding Reconciliations

By February 28th


Net Profit Estimates*  Required quarterly payments if estimated liability is $200 or greater. (calendar year due dates in parentheses)


1st pmt             15th of the fourth month after fiscal year end (or 4/15)
2nd pmt            15th of the sixth month after fiscal year end (or 6/15)
3rd pmt             15th of the ninth month after fiscal year end (or 9/15)
4th pmt             15th of the twelfth month after fiscal year end (or 12/15)
Balance            Due with next filing, 15th of fourth month after FYE



Required monthly unless withholdings are less than $2,400/year.



15th day of following month



last day of the month after quarter end
(4/30, 7/31, 10/31, 1/31)     (dates changed as of 3rd qtr 2016)


Annual Interest Rates

7%  2019
6%   2018
6%  2017
5%  2016
12%  Tax Year 2015 and Prior



“House Bill 5”

The State of Ohio revamped ORC718 with legislation known as "House Bill 5" (HB5). This legislation made substantial changes to municipal income tax effective with the 2016 tax year.  As a result, municipalities throughout the State were required to pass new income tax ordinances to be in compliance with the new laws.  The City of Blue Ash finalized its new ordinance on November 12, 2015.  Below are some notable changes in the City’s ordinance.


  • Withholding due dates changed as well as thresholds to determine quarterly and monthly filers.  read more

  • Estimated payment due dates changed as well as the threshold requiring quarterly estimated payments.  read more

  • Penalties and interest changed to be uniform throughout the State.  read more

  • Filing Requirements for residents of Blue Ash changed.*

  • Occasional entrant rules expanded from 12 to 20 days.

  • Net operating loss carryforward calculations will change effective with losses incurred in the 2017 tax year.

*Beginning with tax year 2016, all residents 18 and over will be required to file a Blue Ash tax return regardless of whether tax is owed.  The first mandatory filing will be due by April 18, 2017.