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OUPS – Ohio Utilities Protection Service
"Call Before you Dig" (applicable for all utilities): 1-800-362-2764 

Gas & Electricity
Duke Energy
4th & Main Streets 
Cincinnati, Ohio 45201 
To Report a Gas Emergency:  1-800-634-4300
Residential Billing and Payment Problems:  1-800-544-6900
Commercial & Municipal Billing Inquiries:  1-800-774-1202
Current Duke Energy Ohio Outages
Duke Save on Energy Information

Broadband and Cable TV Solutions
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These sites make it easy for residents to find internet and cable TV providers in their area and compare them using factors like pricing, available speeds, and customer reviews. These may be useful for their residents who are looking to choose an internet or cable provider.

Sanitary Sewers
Metropolitan Sewer District
1600 Gest Street 
Cincinnati, Ohio 45204 
Emergencies/Complaints/Ddor: (513) 352-4900 
After 4:00 PM & Weekends/Holidays: (513) 244-5500 
Billing: (513) 591-7700 
SBU (Sewer Backup Response Program) (513) 352-4900 web-link
Blue Ash is a part of the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSD). The District was created in 1968 to own and (through the Board of Hamilton County Commissioners) to finance the operation of a sewer system which is substantially county-wide. The system is operated for MSD by the City of Cincinnati's Department of Sewers.

Storm Water Sewers
Blue Ash Service Department - Public Works 
Service Department Center 
6131 Interstate Circle 
Blue Ash, Ohio 45242 
Regarding storm water issues within the City's Right-of-Way (Catch Basins, Storm Sewers, Swails, Drainage Ditches): Service Department Center, (513) 686-1250  
Regarding storm water issues on Private Property: Project Coordinator, (513) 745-8578

Greater Cincinnati Water Works
4747 Spring Grove Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45232-1986
Billing/Address Change/Complaints: (513) 591-7700
Broken Main/Emergencies: (513) 591-7700
Bad Taste/Rusty Water: (513) 624-5600
Meter Leaks: (513) 591-6893
Blue Ash's water is supplied by the Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW), a utility owned by the City of Cincinnati. There are two major GCWW water storage facilities in Blue Ash: a two million gallon reservoir ground level tank on Cornell Road and a two million gallon elevated tank on Malsbary Road. These facilities help assure an excellent water supply for Blue Ash.