Parks & Recreation

Current Progress

Phase Three

Phase 3 of the project will  focus on the area west of the Great Lawn. This is where we begin to make the transition from the social areas to the more active outdoor spaces. The true delineating margin of these two distinct spaces will be the 150' Observation Tower. The Tower  will serve as a functional element with help from its elevator and stairs which will lead visitors to an observation deck high over the park, providing remarkable views of the surrounding area.

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Also within Phase 3 will be the stormwater collection ponds, extended trail network, sledding hill and children's natural playscape. The ponds will complete the parks rain recycling element which focuses on collecting the vast majority of the water that falls on the park space and collects it to be re-used in the irrigation systems that waters the great lawn and landscapes throughout the park. Thanks to funding support from a Clean Water Act section 319(h) grant from Ohio EPA and U.S. EPA, a creek is being restored on site in conjunction with creation of stormwater collection ponds. These natural features will serve to mimic wetlands’ function in filtering stormwater before re-use on site. The ponds and creek will also reduce erosion and pollution into
downstream receiving waters.
The children's natural playscape will focus on using elements founds in nature to induce play such as stones, rocks, sand and water. The water from the pond will be recycled into a functional element of the playscape and allow children to experience an entirely unique water-play experience. The playscape will be conveniently located on the opposite side of the Great Lawn from the ever-popular playground on site today.

  Development on Phase 3 has already begun with plans for completion in late 2017.

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