Towne Square

Towne Square FAQ

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the Towne Square Survey, make a quick comment, and/or send in a question to  Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding Towne Square.

  • What are the next steps?
    • City Council has been updated on the survey results. Funds are in the 2021 budget to begin design work this year. Construction will take place after further Council design approval. This process could take up to a year. 
  • How can I best understand the plans presented?
    • There is a video available that offers shortened descriptions and photos of the two concepts. There are also 15 presentation boards available at the Recreation Center to view in person. Those same boards are displayed in the online slideshow presentation. The boards and slideshow provide the most detail but keep in mind this is a purely conceptual design put together to evoke creativity and feedback.
  • When is this project planned to take place?
    • There is no plan to begin construction at any particular time. This is the early conceptual process that is designed to gain feedback on the idea of a park renovation and specific amenities.
  • How will the Veterans Memorial be impacted?
    • Both Option A and Option B include the Memorial. There are no plans to have it removed as it serves as an integral part of our park system and demonstration of our support and thanks for our military. In Option A, the plan would rebuild the memorial (the sub-surface is failing) into a similar shape as it is today. Option B would also still utilize the same statues, flags and pavers, however, it does alter the shape of the space so it would be more inviting and encourage more foot traffic as well as visibility. It would also align the Memorial with the new stage so both amenities could be used for Memorial events such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day. With both plans, we have been working with our local Blue Ash Legion to align the vision.
  • Will the Towne Square and Veterans Memorial land be sold?
    • The Towne Square and Memorial land will not be sold, it will be remodeled to create an inviting, user-friendly space at the heart of downtown Blue Ash.
  •  What will happen to the current elements of the Memorial - statues, Nonagon, pavers/bricks, flags, etc.?

    • The elements of the current Memorial will be reused and/or re-created when practical within the new design located at Towne Square. The City of Blue Ash worked with the Blue Ash American Legion Northeast Post 630 to come up with conceptual designs for the Memorial. 
  •  What will the Memorial look like?
    • The design plans have not been finalized. In a public input survey of over 500 respondents, residents overwhelmingly favored Concept B, which re-envisions the Memorial as a walk-thru timeline, moving approximately 100 feet from where it stands today, but occupying the same square footage and prominence.
  • Where does the project stand now?
    • An architect will be hired. More detailed plans and concepts will be created. The public will have a chance to see these concepts and voice their opinions about them. Construction will only take place after further Council design approval and not likely until 2022 at the earliest.
  • How were residents informed about the Towne Square re-envisioning and the proposed changes to the Memorial?
    • Throughout most of 2020, residents were informed of the design options through print and e-newsletters, a webpage, videos, a slideshow, concept renderings, detailed descriptions, posters at local businesses, a large photo display at the Blue Ash Recreation Center, local media coverage, and social media posts. Residents were encouraged to take the Towne Square Public Input Survey. Over 500 people responded and overwhelmingly selected Concept B, which included the Memorial being re-envisioned as a walkthrough timeline.