Towne Square

Towne Square Construction Phase FAQ

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Towne Square Construction Phase:

What is the new park going to look like?

    • View this 3-d fly-through video for an incredible view of the park space.
When is this project planned to take place and how long will construction take?
    • The park's construction is expected to begin in early March and will continue through most of 2024.
Where can I park during construction? 
    • Click here to see the parking map PDF.  A new connector between the parking lots for Park Pour and Sleepy Bee will be created. This will make it easier for motorists to enter, exit, and park during construction. You can view a map of all of the available free parking near Towne Square, here (map link coming soon). All of the lots are within a five-minute walk to Towne Square businesses. To accommodate customers, lots closest to the businesses will be designated 2-hour parking. In addition, the former Hosbrook property at Kenwood/Cooper corner will be turned into free parking during the construction.
How will the Veterans Memorial be impacted?
    • The Memorial is an integral part of our park system and a demonstration of our support and thanks for our military. The City of Blue Ash worked with the designers and our very own American Legion Post 630 to incorporate a new layout to the Memorial that further encourages involvement and further education about each conflict. The Memorial will be laid out in a chronological format featuring the same bronze statues and personally inscribed bricks that are in place today. The center nonagon and surrounding flag poles will also be re-introduced into the new space. A key feature of the new Memorial will be opportunities to learn about each conflict and take time to reflect at quaint seating spaces throughout the 
If I have memorial bricks that are currently together with a group of family/friends bricks, can I keep them together in the new memorial?
    • Bricks at the site were carefully removed and cataloged and will be preserved and repurposed into the new Veterans Memorial. For a limited time, we accepted requests from those who wanted to keep a group of bricks together. Thank you to everyone who filled out the request form. Requests are closed at this time and no further requests will be fulfilled. 
Are Friday night Concerts canceled for the 2023 season?
    • Yes, the Friday Night Concert Series is canceled due to the extensive Towne Square Park renovation that will extend through 2023. We plan to bring the region’s best free Friday night concerts back in 2024 when we get to enjoy the brand-new venue and continue our great live music traditions!
Did the City engage with the Community when planning the park?
    • As with all public projects, the City spent a significant amount of time seeking public input. In a public input survey of over 500 respondents, residents overwhelmingly favored the concept to renovate the park from the ground up in an effort to change the way the park serves the community rather than focus on a light renovation. The City also utilized e-newsletters, council presentations, postings at local businesses, webpages dedicated to the project, videos, local media coverage, and social media posts.
Will the Bell Tower be incorporated into the new design?  
    • The Bell Tower will not be an element of the new park design, however, the plaques, bells, and clocks will be preserved and stored for the possibility of alternative usage in the future. The 100-year Time Capsule that is under the Bell Tower will be preserved and installed in a new location.   

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