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(updated April 20, 2021) 

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Towne Square Project Updates
Scroll down for survey results and the initial design concept renderings used in the Public Input process. 

(Updated February 12, 2021) 

The Towne Square Survey results are in and a majority of people preferred Concept B – Revised, according to an analysis by Zencity. Concept B – Revised replaces most amenities and surfaces with new elements and slightly changes the function of the space to adapt to how it is commonly used today. For an in-depth description and additional photos, scroll down. Overall, the preference for Concept B was two times higher than for Concept A (74% and 30%, respectively – see graph below). To learn more about the survey results, you can watch Parks and Recreation Director Brian Kruse’s virtual presentation to Council at the February 12, 2021, meeting by clicking here.
concept a and b graph

(Updated January 11, 2021) 

Thank you! Hundreds of you took the the Towne Square survey.

Thank you to the hundreds of you who took the time to fill out the Towne Square survey and provide feedback. The survey results will now be compiled and analyzed by Zencity, an independent organization. The results will then be submitted to City Council and to the design team where they will be included in the final design for Towne Square. Progress updates and final decisions on the re-envisioning of Towne Square will be posted on this webpage, social media, and at The comment form at the bottom of this page will remain open for you to submit questions about the re-envisioning of Towne Square. Thanks again for your participation! 

To continue our high commitment to beautiful public spaces in Blue Ash, City Staff and Council are working through the conceptual design steps of re-envisioning Towne Square. This process involves gathering public input about key designs and park features. With current COVID-19 precautions in place, traditional open houses, tours and face-to-face meetings are not feasible at this time. Instead, the information about the project will be presented virtually via video, slideshow, graphics and text descriptions, and in socially-distanced photo displays located in the Blue Ash Recreation Center and at Towne Square. Thanks to all of your responses and questions, there is now also a Towne Square FAQ

You will be able to provide feedback through an easily accessible online survey, a quick comment form (below) or via email: All responses, comments and suggestions will be shared directly with the design team. Keep in mind that the plan and images provided by MKSK are early design concepts. They will be changed and molded by public feedback. Feel free to include ideas or suggestions that are not shown in the current concepts. All comments will be considered in the final design. Thank you for your involvement in our continued growth!


BA Town Center Concepts A and B only 2019-0528 3

In both conceptual plans, the Blue Ash Bicentennial Veterans Memorial will receive updates. It should be noted that the City worked closely with the Blue Ash American Legion NE Post 630 to establish a set of standards for enhancements to the Memorial.

SLIDESHOW: Click the screen below to advance the slides. Click the button on the bottom right for fullscreen.  Click here to view as a PDF.


                                                  CONCEPT A REFRESH
BA Town Center Concept A overhead crop

 BA Town Center Concept A overhead labelled crop
See the slideshow and video above for more photos.  

Concept A Refresh overview: Concept A depicts a smaller scale refreshing of the area, but ultimately keeps the same form and function that currently exists today. Most of the park's elements will be renovated as opposed to being replaced. Cost: $4 (+/-) Million

Concept A Refresh in-depth: Concept A keeps the integrity of the current layout, but updates many of the park elements. The Blue Ash Towne Square Amphitheatre keeps the same shape, but the sides have been removed for a more open, inviting feel. It would likely receive new exterior treatments and roofing material to replace aging materials. The Performance Lawn area also keeps the same shape, but the field of well-worn pavers is replaced with new sidewalks and a higher ratio of grass to hard surface so the space can still comfortably accommodate concert-goers. The restroom facility just behind the Amphitheatre would be re-faced with a modern exterior.
The Grove, seen to the west of the Amphitheatre, is a new passive-use area. It would be lined with shade trees, lighted in the evening, and feature a comfortable seating space to eat lunch, read a book or relax.  
The Veterans Memorial keeps the same form, but the deteriorating paver sub-surface will be replaced. The lawn area of the Memorial would receive additional sidewalks to encourage more pedestrians. Landscaping will be replaced with serpentine stairs between the Lawn and the Memorial.  

                                                CONCEPT B REVISED
BA Town Center Concept B overhead crop 
BA Town Center Concept B overhead labelled crop

          See the slideshow and video above for more photos. 


Concept B Revised overview: Concept B Replaces most amenities and surfaces with new elements and slightly changes the function of the space to adapt to how it is commonly used today. Cost: $7(+/-) Million.

Concept B Revised in-depth: Concept B focuses on creating long-term solutions for aging infrastructure by replacement rather than renovation. It also updates the function of the park and tailors it to how the space is used today. 
A Stage/Pavilion would replace the existing Amphitheatre. In its more central location, it can serve as a concert stage facing the lawn and as a stage for events facing the Veterans Memorial. It features a taller roof and open sides for an open-air design and can be furnished with seating for passive, year-round use.
The Performance Lawn area would include more greenspace, as well as an underdrain system to keep the lawn useable in wet conditions. To the south, there is a children's play area as well as a small dog park. The Grove area is larger than in Concept A. It would be in the location of the existing Amphitheatre. The existing restroom building would be removed and replaced with a new facility conveniently located next to the Stage/Pavilion, in place of the Bell Tower.
The Veterans Memorial would be restored and transformed into an inviting walk-through of our nation’s military history by reorganizing the statues, nonagon and flag poles into chronological order. This will bring the Memorial into everyday interactions with the public and help increase its visibility.

What do you think? Do you have a comment, suggestion or idea? You can shape the future of Towne Square by filling out the survey, leaving a quick comment in the form below, or sending an email to  

Thank you for your participation!

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