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Blue Ash Towne Square - Construction Phase

Welcome to the Blue Ash Towne Square Renovation Project construction update page. Here you will find the latest updates about the project's construction with the most recent information at the top. Thank you for your patience as we make your vision of Towne Square a reality! See the design concepts here. For information about the history of the project, please visit the Towne Square Archive
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(March 28, 2024)

032824 Towne Square aerial - Copy

The Towne Square Renovation Project is progressing. Crews are installing concrete on the west side of the park and will complete the Sleepy Bee patio soon. Workers will be completing electrical and HVAC work in the restroom and storage facility in the coming weeks. Landscaping is also underway and will involve the installation of Silva Cells, a soil containment system for ideal tree health in urban environments. The Bicentennial Veterans Memorial is also taking shape, with hard surfaces in place for the return of the statues.

(January 3, 2024)

010224 Towne Square    Towne Square buildings under construction

Stone wall in front of Macs

Here are some fresh pics of the Towne Square Renovation Project!

The parking lot is in place and the parking lot connector has been reestablished between the City parking lot and the Park Pour Parking lot.

The masonry is going up on the park service/restroom building. Decorative stonework has been installed in front of Mac's Pizza. Underground utility work continues.

(November 13, 2023)

Towne Square November progress - Copy (2)

Towne Square progress update:

  • Crews have begun concrete work near Mac’s Pizza. Mac’s patio will be elevated and increased in size
  • The curbed outline at the bottom of the picture is the new parking lot, which will increase parking capacity by about 20%.
  • Work on the park service/restroom building to the right continues
  • Upcoming: steel framing for the amphitheater will begin to take shape

083023Towne Square Construction 1 - Copy

(August 30, 2023 - Blue Ash)

Some walls are going up at Towne Square! The structure to the right is the restroom and storage facility that will be part of the pavilion and stage.  (Cooper Road is at the top, Hunt Road is to the right) 

DJI_20230714143528_0002_W - Copy

(July 17, 2023 - Blue Ash)

Some foundations for the multipurpose pavilion/stage are starting to pop up at Towne Square! (Cooper Road is at the top, Hunt Road is on the right.)

DJI_20230519070625_0004_W - Copy    soldiers statues waiting - Copy

(May 19, 2023 - Blue Ash)

Progress continues at Towne Square as crews clear the site.  The Veterans Memorial statues are patiently waiting for their new home in the walkthrough timeline.  See a before and after gif of the project here.

band shell down 2

(April 6, 2023 - Blue Ash) 

Demolition work continues at Towne Square.  The band shell has been torn down and a transformer at the site has been disabled for safety reasons during demolition.  This means that the street lights along Hunt Road will not be working for the next few months.

032823 TSq parking and construction (48) - Copy    032823 TSq parking and construction (46) - Copy

032823 TSq parking and construction (33) - Copy    032823 TSq parking and construction (49) - Copy

(March 29, 2023 - Blue Ash)

A Towne Square parking update: The temporary parking at the corner of Cooper Road and Kenwood Road is now open! Also, City Council approved the purchase of a property at 4906 Cooper Road, which will be used for temporary parking during construction and potential future development.

All businesses at Towne Square are open and accessible during construction. Since the Salon at Towne Place is only accessible on the park side, we have had some questions about how to get there. There are two easy ways! Check out the video in the comments of the Facebook post here.

IMG_0606 - Copy - Copy - Copy    IMG_0595 - Copy (2)

(March 14, 2023 - Blue Ash)

Despite the cold and snow, work crews have begun some excavation work at Towne Square.  Watch this fly-through video to see what the new space will look like: 

IMG_8122 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy    IMG_8129 - Copy
(March 9, 2023 - Blue Ash)

Fencing is up and work is underway at Towne Square! The work crew has carefully removed the pavers in the Veterans Memorial. The pavers will be repurposed in the renovated park. 

towne square concept snip

(February 24, 2023 - Blue Ash)

Pardon our dust! The much-anticipated Towne Square Renovation Project will be getting underway in the next few weeks in downtown Blue Ash. Alpha Construction has been tapped to complete the project.

The first thing you will notice is a new connector between the parking lots for Park Pour and Sleepy Bee. This will make it easier for motorists to enter, exit, and park during construction.

You can view a map of all of the available free parking near Towne Square here (the numbers on the map indicate the number of available parking spots in each location). All of the lots are within a five-minute walk to Towne Square businesses. To accommodate customers, lots closest to the businesses will be designated 2-hour parking.

In addition, the former Hosbrook property at Kenwood/Cooper corner will be turned into free parking during the construction. 

You will also soon notice temporary fencing being placed around the perimeter of the project. 

See the award-winning designs for the project here and watch a video overview here.

Thank you for your patience as we make your vision of Towne Square a reality!  Questions? Email or click here to fill out a form.