Sycamore Senior Center

As many residents have heard, the final day of operation at the Sycamore Senior Center will be March 31st. While the Center was located in Blue Ash, it is not actually a Blue Ash operation. The City has no control over it; the sale was between two private companies. However, because the City has the proper facilities to be able to absorb a handful of the activities that the Center offered, some programming will be transferred to the Blue Ash Recreation Center. That is the extent of the municipality’s involvement in the transaction.

According to Maple Knoll Communities, it could no longer afford to subsidize operations of the Sycamore Senior Center. They had spent about $2 million over the last 10 years to subsidize the Sycamore Senior Center. Federal funding for Medicare and Medicaid insurance reimbursements to Maple Knoll has been slashed by about $2 million annually over the last few years and state funding has been cut as well. Charitable donations for the center also have declined.

For more information about services and programs, you will be able to meet with officials from all involved organizations from 10:00 AM until noon on Wednesday, March 16 at the Sycamore Senior Center. If you have specific questions regarding the programs that will be transferred to the Blue Ash Recreation Center, you may contact the front desk at (513) 745-8550.