Blue Ash Citizen Spotlight: Steve Armsey

(July 19, 2022 - Blue Ash)

Steve Armsey is a friendly face that you might see around the Blue Ash Recreation Center. 

He’s been making friends with staff and fellow members for over ten years.

“It’s a comfortable place to come for a guy that kind of likes to work out but doesn’t really like to work out,” Armsey said with a chuckle. “So being a social creature - I enjoy it here.”

Armsey was nominated for the Blue Ash Citizen Spotlight due to his love for Blue Ash and the community. 

He grew up in Cincinnati, moved away for grad school, but always had his eye on returning to the area to live in Blue Ash.

“Blue Ash is probably one of the few communities that I can think of where they made a promise - and this is before we were here - but they made a promise to the citizens that they were going to do three things, to expand and redo the Rec Center, build the Events Center at the Golf Course, and Summit Park,” said Armsey. “They’ve delivered on all three of them, that’s pretty unusual in city government.”

Armsey will now help make similar decisions. He’s been selected to serve as a volunteer member of the Blue Ash Planning Commission.

“I’m not passive if I see something that interests me and I think I can make a contribution there,” Armsey said.

During a recent visit to the Recreation Center, he was greeted by receptionist Carolyn Scippio.  The two have known each other for ten years. She told Armsey he would do a great job on the commission and the two exchanged a high-five.

Armsey is looking forward to continuing the good track record of planning for the City of Blue Ash, and, of course, making some new friends along the way.

The Blue Ash Citizen Spotlight is a series of stories, photos, and videos about you – the people who live, work and play in Blue Ash. You’ll get to know your neighbors as they tell their stories about their lives in Blue Ash and why they love it here.

This Citizen Spotlight features Steve Armsey. He was nominated for his love of Blue Ash and the community.  

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