Restaurants on the Move in Blue Ash

Two restaurants are planning new locations in Blue Ash.

At its October 9th council meeting, City Manager David Waltz signed a letter of intent (LOI) for Brown Dog Café to occupy 3,750 sq. ft. of the new Community Center at Summit Park. The Community Center will also house park operations and public space. The LOI will be followed by a formal lease/City Council authorization in the future.

Brown Dog Café Chef Shawn McCoy plants to relocate his restaurant from the current location of 5893 Pfeiffer Road to Summit Park late in 2015. Chef McCoy also plans to expand the Brown Dog Café menu and catering services. This will be the first restaurant in Summit Park.  On behalf of the City, Kathleen Norris of Urban Fast Forward is currently accepting interest from other potential restaurateurs to occupy a second building. 

Also at the October 9th council meeting, City Council authorized the sale of 9514 Kenwood Road to BAM Realty Group, LLC.

BAM Realty Group, LLC is working with the City now to satisfy contract contingencies and plans to renovate the building and open a second location of Sleepy Bee Café in the building, which is located in downtown Blue Ash. The original Sleepy Bee Café is located at 3098 Madison Road in the heart of Oakley and serves breakfast, lunch, and brunch daily. “The Intent is to bring this successful brand to the heart of Blue Ash,” stated BAM Realty Group, LLC in its proposal to the City. City of Blue Ash officials are excited about the possible addition of another breakfast option, as residents and corporate citizens often cite the need for such.