Local Dentist Serves Children Abroad

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Dr. Charles D. Moorehead, of Moorehead Family Dentistry in Blue Ash, recently went to South Africa for 10 days on a team providing free dental care to over 300 vulnerable children affected by HIV/ADIS and extreme poverty. This is Dr. Moorehead’s third time partnering with this initiative organized by Crossroads Community Church in Cincinnati.

Dr. Moorehead traveled to the town of Grootvlei, located an hour and half south of Johannesburg, South Africa as a part of one of the specialized teams made up of trained dental professionals, including Dr. Grady Gibson of Newport, KY. In addition, roughly a dozen general workers accompanied the team who assisted the dentists and worked with kids and planted food gardens. The aim of the trip was to work on the front lines in the fight against AIDS and poverty.

Dr. Moorehead served alongside Dr. Gibson and the other Crossroads volunteers on the trip in a safe and well-equipped environment where they cared for many children with complex dental needs. Doug, who owns Moorehead Family Dentistry, values giving back both to the community and those who are in need of dental care, who might not otherwise have access.

He shares, “A lot of what we do when we go there is encouragement, both of the people who work tirelessly every day on the front lines, and for the children who have complex dental needs. These trips really only scratch the surface of what the kids really need. Crossroads is very committed to helping the poor in South Africa and has been for well over 10 years. I’m just a small part of their long term initiative to bring about change in that area.” Dr. Moorehead is passionate about making a lasting impact on his patients both locally, in Blue Ash, and halfway around the world in South Africa.

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