More than 40k invasive plants removed from Summit Park


(February 28, 2022 - Blue Ash)

The Ohio River Foundation (ORF), Summit Park employees, and community volunteers worked together last year to remove more than 40,000 invasive plants at Summit Park, and plan to continue to expand that work this year.

An invasive plant species is a non-native plant that has a tendency to spread and cause damage to the local environment by taking up space and inhibiting the growth of native species in the area. Their proliferation also causes changes to soil chemistry, creates soil erosion, and leads to loss of wildlife habitats and poor water quality. 

In 2021, the team went to work removing a total of 40,500 invasive plants in the prairie, bioswale, and forested areas of the park. Additionally, ORF held four community events in which volunteers contributed 100 hours, planted 24 trees, and removed Amur Honeysuckle.