Protect Ohio waterways by using these lawn care tactics

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(February 22, 2022 - Blue Ash)

You can help protect Ohio waterways by following simple lawn care tactics.

The Ohio State University Extension has written an article about the impacts of fertilizers on harmful algae blooms (HABs).

HABs “can produce toxins and cause illness, irritation, or death in animals and humans. HABs also alter the taste and odor of drinking water, pollute beaches with scums, and cause fish kills due to reduced oxygen levels,” according to the article.

To help reduce HABs, there are things you can do in your lawn care routine:

  • Test your soil before you fertilize, you may not need it. (Learn more about ideal soil levels here.)
  • Timing is everything! Lawns in Ohio can generally be fertilized in the months of April and May, and again in September and October when needed. Fertilizing during the heat of the summer increases the severity of several turfgrass diseases and is not recommended.
  • Be neat, don’t fertilize the street! If fertilizer granules end up on the street or sidewalk, sweep or blow them back onto the lawn to keep them out of storm and sewer drains.

 Read the full article from the Ohio University Extension here.