Kenwood/Cooper Corner project update

Kenwood cooper corner original     Kenwood cooper corner updated
                                                                    BEFORE                                                                                                                                                                                    AFTER

(February 11, 2022 - Blue Ash)

City Council received an update from Circle Development on the Kenwood/Cooper Corner project at the January 13 Council meeting.  The presentation included a history of the project, updated renderings, economic benefits, and next steps. 

After a market assessment determined that a hotel was too risky in the current environment, it was removed from the project and the commercial space, including restaurants and office space, was increased.  The updated renderings show a second level of office above restaurants and retail at the Kenwood/Cooper corner (previous plans included one story of office) and residential where the hotel was previously located at the north end of the site.

Also, at last night’s meeting, City Council approved a resolution of support for brownfield remediation funds.  The Blue Ash Chili/salon site was once occupied by a dry cleaner which caused soil and groundwater contamination.  The developer will remediate the site to residential standards.

A public input process is forthcoming and it is anticipated that the project will come before Planning Commission in the next few months.