Video: Blue Ash Firefighters conduct live fire training at Great Oaks

(November 17, 2021 - Blue Ash)

The Blue Ash Fire Department recently completed live fire training at Great Oaks.

The drill simulated the duties required of the initial arriving engine company in a reported structure fire situation.  

The crews received a dispatch via radio informing them of a possible fire in a bedroom. From there, the participating engine company made decisions, took action, and communicated pertinent information based on what they actually saw as they arrived at the training building. 

This type of training is a crucial component in ensuring that department personnel are prepared to safely and efficiently respond to building fires.

The video depicts the company officer conducting a 360-degree building size up to gather information, meeting back up with the line firefighter who has stretched an attack line, and the two entering the structure to find and extinguish the fire. As this is happening, the engine operator is establishing a water supply by connecting to a fire hydrant and ensuring the crew has adequate pressure on their attack line to properly extinguish the fire. 

Additionally, there are multiple department members not directly involved in the drill but present to make sure that the training is conducted in as safe an environment as possible. An incident commander, a training safety officer, a training tower building monitor, and multiple fire instructors acting as the ignition team and safety/backup team are all involved in each evolution.