New tech will clean and collect storm water at HAM-Plainfield Roundabout

RAB separator construction gif     setting 30000 lb structure with crane
(GIF: Excavation for Separator; Photo: setting 30,000 lb. structure with crane)

(October 15, 2021 - Blue Ash)

New technology is being implemented in Blue Ash to clean and collect storm water in the HAM-Plainfield Roundabouts project.

A JDS Hydrodynamic Separator is being installed that will not only collect trash and debris, but also suspended solids, oil, grease, and other total petroleum hydrocarbon pollutants.

The treated water is much cleaner after exiting the system and can be safely discharged into local waterways.

The City of Blue Ash has used many different types of engineered water quality improvements such as bioswales, exfiltration trenches, underground detention structures and others.  This is the first time the City has installed a Separator. 

Read more about the device, here.

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