Blue Ash Police Officers create a station tour video for preschoolers

(October 7, 2021 - Blue Ash)

The Blue Ash Police Department has created an educational video for preschoolers who could not come for an in-person tour of the police station due to COVID-19.

Community Relations Officer Beth Roach used her bodycam to get footage of the dispatch office, briefing room, training room, property room, crime lab, jail, and more.

Lt. Roger Pohlman and Detective Dane Baumgartner are featured in the video describing each area of the department. Therapy dog, Licorice, can be found throughout the video in some fun, unexpected places.   

“When we heard that KinderCare students in Blue Ash wanted to come for a tour but couldn’t because of the pandemic, we wanted to help,” said Roach. “We were glad that we were able to find a creative way to do the tour and the kids really enjoyed it.”

You can watch the tour on YouTube above or here.