Blue Ash Citizen Spotlight: Maggie Neumann


(July 13, 2021 - Blue Ash) 

“She believed she could, so she did.”

That’s Maggie Neumann’s motto and she lives up to it in her work and deeds.

The 22-year-old did something that many people would have found incredibly daunting during a pandemic.

She started her own business, Maggie’s Marvelous Mini Cheesecakes, in June of 2020.

Even more inspiring, she donates 20 percent of her profits to organizations that help the community, like Operation Giveback (OGB) in Blue Ash.

“I did that because they donate food for people who don’t have a lot of food,” said Neumann, adding that she was especially happy to have helped OGB provide toys to children for the holidays.

OGB volunteer Don McClure said Maggie’s generosity is amazing.

“She has done wonderful things for OGB,” McClure said. “She has given us some of her money from her business but more importantly, she brings our students cheesecakes and they love them!”

Neumann said she loves Blue Ash - especially Sycamore Schools and the parks. 

“I go to Summit Park a lot. I like to go to the food truck festivals there,” Neumann said.

She said she is thrilled her business keeps growing, so she can continue to give back to the community.

“Always believe you can do more than you think you can,” said Neumann.


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This Citizen Spotlight features Maggie Neumann. She was nominated for the Citizen Spotlight by Operation Giveback’s Executive Director Sheila Lichtenberg. Watch Maggie's story by clicking the video above or click here to view on YouTube.

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