Blue Ash Police Dispatch renovations are complete

BEFORE renovation     dispatch after renovations

(July 2, 2021 - Blue Ash)

The Blue Ash Police Department Dispatch Office has undergone a much-needed renovation. 

The Dispatch Office was last updated over 20 years ago and was designed around a paper-based system of recordkeeping.  As P.D. began using more and more technology, staff cobbled together solutions but they weren’t ideal. 

The planning for upgrades began over three years ago and resulted in the following improvements:

  • Vinyl flooring has been replaced with carpet, which helps deaden sound and makes it easier to hear telephone callers, walk-in visitors, and radio traffic. Walls were patched and repainted, ceiling tiles were replaced, and new LED lighting was installed.
  • Outdated furniture has been replaced with ergonomic furniture with push-button electric height adjustment features. This will allow dispatchers to work while sitting or standing (or both) during their shifts, which can extend up to 16.5 hours. The computer keyboard and monitor heights and monitor depth are independently adjustable, allowing each dispatcher to personalize his/her workstation. This promotes a healthy workplace and will help avoid problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back problems, etc.
  • Each workstation now has independent heat, vent fan, and lighting controls.
  • Several pieces of obsolete radio and alarm monitoring equipment were removed to clean up the workspace.
  • Each dispatcher now has a locker for storing personal items.
  • Radio consoles have been upgraded. Each workstation has a speaker to monitor Hamilton County radio traffic, while also monitoring and transmitting on the BAPD channel.  Dispatchers now have the option of using desk microphones or plugging in a wireless headset, which gives them the freedom to move about the office, take restroom breaks, etc.

The new office was opened this week. See video of the high-tech desks here.