HAM-Plainfield Road roundabouts construction to begin in the next few months

(June 2, 2021 - Blue Ash)

The City of Blue Ash is about to begin construction of three roundabouts that will help improve safety and ease traffic congestion through the City.

At the May 13 City Council meeting, Council unanimously awarded the bid for the project, dubbed the HAM-Plainfield Road project, to R.B. Jergens Contractors, Inc.

Construction is expected to begin in September.

Under the current plan, the roundabouts will be constructed in this order:

  • Kroger entrance on Hunt Road
  • Plainfield Road and Hunt Road
  • Plainfield Road and Peppermill Lane

You may see work simultaneously at the different sites as crews prep the areas. 

Currently, Duke Energy and other utility providers are in the process of relocating above-ground utilities at the intersection of Plainfield Road and Hunt Road to make way for the project.

During the next step of the project, crews will be demolishing the Speedway and Marathon gas stations at the corner of Plainfield and Hunt. 

Traffic will be maintained during the construction process, though there may be lane closures from time to time. The only road closure is expected late this year and/or early next year when Peppermill Road will be shut down at Plainfield Road. Updates will be posted at blueash.com.

The total cost of the project from engineering to completion is approximately $15 million, with $11 million, or 73%, of the funding provided by federal grants. 

Thank you for your patience as the City of Blue Ash completes this project. These roundabouts will greatly improve safety at these intersections and ease traffic congestion well into the future.

The roundabouts are scheduled to be completed in October of 2022.

Click here to learn more about the project and for roundabout safety information.