Planning a home or building project? You probably need a permit

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(March 5, 2021 - Blue Ash)

If you are planning to do some construction or remodeling on your home, property, or business in Blue Ash, you will likely need a permit to do the work.

Alterations to building spaces occur routinely across the City as new and current occupants adapt their spaces to fit needs, upgrade styles, and/or modernize their homes and businesses. Many of these changes require getting in contact with the Community Development Department and/or Fire Department to apply for and receive a permit. 

Chances are if there is a new wall going up with any of the following situations you will need a permit to comply with the Ohio Revised Code; walls where there is new electric, partitions that create new rooms, new openings or infills that change egress paths, openings that alter sprinkler protection, or modifications that require changes to heating and ventilation.

“Overlooking permits at the start of a project can create delays in taking occupancy, cost overruns, or even loss of Certificates of Occupancy,” said Blue Ash Fire Marshal Heath Waxman. “Work without a permit may be forced to be changed to comply with Building and Fire Codes or stopped until proper permitting is in place.  It is best practice to have documented in any contract who holds the responsibility of obtaining a permit before new work begins.”

In addition to alteration permits, there may also be a need to obtain, electric, HVAC, fire sprinkler, and fire alarm permits. Plumbing permits are managed by Hamilton County. If you are adding a generator, AST, UST, industrial oven, or removing fire protection the Fire Department should be contacted to advise if a permit is needed. 

Permits are also required for new roofs, fences over 6’ in height, porches, decks, accessory buildings 200 square feet or larger, wood-burning stoves or fireplaces, solar panels, and commercial tents and temporary structures over 400 square feet.

Additional rules apply to Zoning Permits not mentioned.

This handy guide, “Do I Need a Permit?” from the Blue Ash Community Development team will answer many of the questions you may have about what is required. You can also learn more by visiting the following links:

Community Development - more info and applications:

Fire Department – more info and applications:

If you still aren’t sure or have questions, call the Community Development office at 513-745-8520 and/or the Fire Department at 513-745-8533.