Videos and photos: vehicle fires used in BAFD training

Jake Bresnen     fire inside vehicle     BAFD CAFS training car fire
(Pictured: BAFD Lt. Jake Bresnen) 

(March 3, 2021 - Blue Ash) 

Residents may have seen some smoke and flames behind the North Fire Station on Kenwood Rood this week as Blue Ash Firefighters trained in the use of foam to fight fires. 

Two vehicles were set on fire yesterday. Firefighters then extinguished the first vehicle with water and the second one with foam. See videos here and here.

The Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) helps decrease surface tension and covers more area. It also helps firefighters gain control of fires faster, reduces water usage, and lightens handlines while offering better exposure protection.

BAFD has a CAFS system on both engines. The foam brand is National Knockdown.

The systems have been in use since 2012 and can be used on all fires, except for vegetation fires.