The Towne Square survey results are in! Concept B favored by respondents

BA Town Center Concept B overhead crop

(February 12, 2021 - Blue Ash)

The Towne Square Survey results are in and a majority of people preferred Concept B – Revised (pictured above), according to an analysis by Zencity.

Concept B – Revised replaces most amenities and surfaces with new elements and slightly changes the function of the space to adapt to how it is commonly used today. For an in-depth description and additional photos, click here.

Overall, the preference for Concept B was two times higher than for Concept A (74% and 30%, respectively – see graph below).

To learn more about the survey results, you can watch Parks and Recreation Director Brian Kruse’s virtual presentation to Council at the February 12, 2021, meeting by clicking here.
concept a and b graph