Winter weather: ways you can help crews as they clear the snow and ice

(February 10, 2021 - Blue Ash) 

The City of Blue Ash Public Works Department is always prepared for winter weather. When you see the City’s snowplows hit the road, there are several things you can do to help them be more efficient.

A few suggestions of how you can help when it snows:

  • Even if a snow emergency is not declared, please avoid parking vehicles on the street. This allows plows to clear the entire street, and also not block access to your vehicle as the driver cannot control the snow coming off the edge of the plow’s blade.
  • Please do not shovel or plow snow into the streets. By shoveling the snow into your yard (rather than the street), you will reduce the frustration of the snowplow re-covering the end of your driveway that you already cleared.
  • Do not pass a snowplow truck. Each truck has blind spots that reduce side and rear visibility. If you cannot see their mirrors, then they cannot see you.
  • Increase the following distance between your vehicle and others. Also, allow for safe distances between your vehicle and a salt truck to reduce the chance of loose materials striking your car and to give you more time to react to sudden stops.

For a typical snowfall of four inches or less, all streets within the City should be plowed within 24 hours after snow ceases to fall.  More information about snow and ice removal can be found here.

Questions regarding snow & ice concerns should be directed to the Service Department Center at (513) 686-1250