Police Chief Noel presents checks to Sycamore High student and teacher for new cruiser design

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(January 15, 2021 - Blue Ash) 

A Sycamore High student and a teacher received their gifts for assisting with the new BAPD vehicle design.

Blue Ash Police Chief Scott Noel presented student Abi Patel and Visual Arts Educator Elise Williams with checks outside the school today.

The non-profit Blue Ash Police Association awarded Patel with a $500 scholarship and donated $250 to Sycamore Visual Arts to be used for the purchase of equipment for students.  

 Chief Scott Noel was looking for a design upgrade for the police department vehicles and he reached out to Williams to see if her students might be interested in creating designs.

“The goal was to have the community engaged in the process and what better way than to have students involved,” said Chief Noel. “We are glad to be able to work with our school district partners in this fun and creative way.”

Patel’s design was selected. The senior created a black background with grey Blue Ash Police badges near the front doors. The words “Blue Ash Police” are in grey on the doors with a blue line underneath. The rear of the vehicle has a similar design.

“I feel thrilled that my design was chosen,” said Patel. “I just knew that it needed something bold that stood out, and nothing with over-the-top graphics.”

The new cruiser design can currently be seen on three BAPD vehicles.