Blue Ash Citizen Spotlight: Amy Reynolds

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(November 11, 2020 - Blue Ash) 

The Blue Ash Citizen Spotlight is a series of stories, photos, and videos about you – the people who live, work and play in Blue Ash. You’ll get to know your neighbors as they tell their stories about Blue Ash and why they love it here. 

The first Citizen Spotlight features the vibrant and outgoing Amy Reynolds. She lives and works in Blue Ash and is very active in the local community.

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“I love it here. I love the City. I love working here.”

Amy Reynolds was born in Cincinnati but left the Tri-State area for about 12 years to branch out in her career and life. She returned to the area three years ago and decided to move to Blue Ash. She also secured a job in Blue Ash at Graphic Village.

“A lot of people desire to be here whether it is business or to live. People who have lived here for a long time boast about it,” said Reynolds.

She is especially thrilled with all of the activities the City has to offer and takes part in many of them.

“My favorites are the fitness classes here at Summit (Park), the yoga is my absolute favorite,” said Reynolds. “I love, love, love the Friday Night Concerts. Those are super fun, laid back, and casual, but just good. Always good music and definitely my genre of 80’s music. I live close enough that I walk my dog up there.”

She said she’s met many of her close friends on walks with her dog, Hero, and by attending the concerts at the Nature Park. She also attends the big Blue Ash events like Red, White & Blue Ash in July.

“It is a very friendly, outdoorsy kind of place and I just love that you can be anywhere in five minutes,” Reynolds said. “There are things in the winter, like ice skating…this is definitely a City where you don’t hibernate as much.”

She said Blue Ash is moving in the right direction for a solid, exciting future.

“I see good development and good growth in a positive direction,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds now works as the Property Manager for the Approach Apartments in the Neighborhoods at Summit Park, so she not only still lives and works in the City she loves, but she also promotes the City to those who are seeking a new place to call home.

“It is very easy to do,” Reynolds said. “Summit Park sells itself for sure. When people find out about all that Blue Ash has to offer, it just seals the deal. It is the piece of cake part of my job.”