City of Beavercreek honors Blue Ash workers for help with tornado clean up

Blue Ash employees honored by Beavercreek

(December 6, 2019 - Blue Ash) 

Blue Ash employees who helped with clean up after the devastating May 27, 2019, tornado in Beavercreek, Ohio, were honored today for their assistance.

The City of Beavercreek Public Administrative Services Director Mike Thonnerieux came to Blue Ash to personally thank Zach Mink, Ken Galbraith, Kyle Secrest, and Mark Ober (not pictured), along with Service Superintendent Josh DeHart, and Public Works Director Gordon Perry.

They were presented with a Proclamation from Beavercreek Mayor Bob Stone, a photo signed by Beavercreek public service workers, and Challenge Coins bearing the Beavercreek and Beavercreek Township logo and the date of the tornado.
proclamation and photo of Blue Ash truck surrounded by signatures 


Blue Ash was among 34 government agencies that sent staff, trucks, and equipment in the tornado aftermath, according to the Beavercreek In Touch Newsletter.  

You can watch the fleet of vehicles arriving in Beavercreek in the video below, or on YouTube.