Road closures due to roundabout construction near Summit Park

photo showing Summit Park and the location of the roundabout

(August 29, 2019 - Blue Ash)

To increase safety and ease traffic congestion, a roundabout is being constructed at the intersection of Glendale-Milford Road and Lake Forest Drive at the Summit Park/Summit Place entrance.

Beginning Tuesday, September 3, West Lake Forest Drive will be closed at Glendale-Milford Road due to this construction and will remain closed for most of September. 

The Summit Park/Summit Place entrance will be closed at a later date, and when that happens guests and visitors will still have three locations to enter the Summit Park parking lots.

 One entrance will be at Glendale-Milford Road and McKinley Road.

The second entrance is further west on Glendale-Milford Road, past the Parks and Recreation Maintenance Building. Delivery vehicles and trucks will use this entrance as well. (see map here).

The third entrance is further west on Glendale-Milford Road.

All entrances and detours will be marked with signs.

For more information on this roundabout including a complete detour plan, click here.

This project is being performed by Al.Neyer as a major component of the street network that meanders through the Neighborhoods at Summit Park Development.  Al.Neyer has contracted with Ford Development to complete the work.