LED signs bring a burst of color to downtown Blue Ash

(June 26, 2019) 

Curb signs in downtown Blue Ash have been upgraded to bring a burst of color to downtown Blue Ash.

Three signs now have 156 color-changing LED lights, which can be programmed to change color for seasons, holidays, and events.  

The signs are located at the northeast and southeast corners of the Kenwood Road and Cooper Road intersection, and at the northwest corner of the Kenwood Road and Towne Square Avenue intersection.   The new signs were installed and operational in May. 

The first color theme will reflect the July 4 holiday with red, white and blue lights on display for seven days prior to and including July 4.

Expect to see the signs light up blue and white for Hanukkah, red and green for Christmas, green for St. Patrick’s Day, red and white for Red’s opening day, and many more color themes throughout the year.