Blue Ash Firefighters rescue baby geese

geese rescue2
Blue Ash firefighters quickly rescued two baby geese trapped in a pipe, thanks to a tip to the City of Blue Ash Facebook page today.

Jeni Schemenaur-Callabro sent a message about two small geese stuck in a drain pipe on the roof of an entry way in the 9800 block of Kenwood Road, and asked who should be contacted to help free them.

The City notified Fire Chief Chris Theders and he dispatched a crew of firefighters to check out the situation.  

The little geese were quickly freed and found their mother, who was waiting patiently nearby, according to Theders.  

After the rescue, Schemenaur-Callabro sent us this photo (below) of the firefighters on the scene.

She had this to say about the rescue, “a happy ending to an otherwise grave situation.  Life is good!”

photo credit: Jeni Schemenaur-Callabro
Photo credit: Jeni Schemenaur-Callabro