New Amenities Approved for Oak Park

Blue Ash City Council voted on March 28 to approve the Oak Park renovation project. The City will replace the aging Hazelwood Community Center with a new community shelter, playground, outdoor restroom, basketball court and upgraded parking.

The City developed the proposal in 2018 after a thorough review that included a facility needs assessment and a usage study. Due to its age and original residential building standards, the 40-year-old Community Center is in need of significant renovations. The review also highlighted that the center has experienced a decline in usage, serving 500 people per year and less than 20 facility rentals.

In comparison, approximately 300,000 people visit the Blue Ash Recreation Center annually while the shelters in the Nature Park individually average over 100 rentals per year. Additionally, the Recreation Center, which is 3.5 miles from Oak Park, offers a wide range of amenities, programs and indoor rental opportunities.

Prior to approving the plans, the City held four public information sessions on the plan, including two open houses. City Council also discussed the plan on several occasions in open session.

The last day of operation at the Hazelwood Community Center is Saturday, March 30th.  Construction on the park renovations will begin this spring.