Blue Ash Fire Department Warns of Ice Dangers

On January 20th, the Blue Ash Fire Department responded to a call of a golden retriever who fell through ice near Hunter’s Creek Drive. Firefighters, who are highly trained in ice rescues, were able to safely reach the dog and reunite her with her family.

With more winter weather on the horizon, the Blue Ash Fire Department urges parents, guardians and teachers to remind children and young people to never venture onto frozen water. Even if it appears thick from the bank, it becomes thinner very quickly.

Additionally, the fire department asks pet owners to keep a close eye on their animals. Never throw sticks or balls onto the ice for your dog. If a dog or other animal ventures onto the ice, or falls through it, do not go to its rescue. You are likely to end up in the freezing water as well and unable to help the animal. In fact, over 50% of ice related drownings involve an attempted rescue of a dog.

If you do see a person or animal in trouble in icy water, stay on the bank and call 9-1-1 immediately.