UPDATED: Blue Ash City Council considering redistricting options

The natural ebb and flow in Blue Ash’s population has led to the need for city council ward redistricting. Over time, redistricting is occasionally necessary to ensure all residents benefit from a fully representative government.

In November, the City of Blue Ash proposed a redistricting plan with the purpose of balancing populations in each of its five wards. It has been 16 years since redistricting last took place in Blue Ash.

Specifically, the redistricting plan would:

  • Balance wards to each have approximately 1,210 households
  • Keep neighborhoods together and wards contiguous
  • Use streets, property lines, railroad, or other apparent boundaries
  • Minimize the number of boundary changes

The City has proposed three redistricting options. Blue Ash City Council is tentatively scheduled to vote on the redistricting during the December 13 meeting, which begins at 7 p.m. at 4343 Cooper Road in Blue Ash. Community members may attend the meeting and comment on the proposals. 

In each of the three proposals below, the current ward map appears on the left and the proposed revision appears on the right.  The changes appear as outlined/shaded areas and the color corresponds to the ward it would become. To see the full presentation, click here.

UPDATE: Please review this supplemental memo that includes an additional option. City Council received the memo on December 5th.