Fall curbside leaf pick-up begins in Blue Ash

Between mid-October and mid-December, City crews collect leaves along City streets (no bagging required during this time). For 2018, collection will begin the week of October 15.

 Please review the following reminders to utilize the City’s leaf collection service:

  • Leaves should be brought to the curb or to the berm of the road if no curb exists. Please make sure leaves are not placed in the ditch line as this will clog the storm sewer system and possibly cause flooding onto the roadway or your property.
  • Please do not mix any other yard waste items in with the leaves (such as grass, flowers, mulch, brush, bush trimmings).
  • Leaves must be raked to the curb prior to 6:00 a.m. on Monday of each week to be collected that week.
  • The City’s goal is to service each street weekly, but during heavy volume periods, in the event of a snow/ice emergency, or due to equipment breakdown, it may take longer to complete a citywide sweep.
  • Leaves put out after City crews have already serviced a street will be collected the following week.
  • Residents may call the City of Blue Ash Service Department Center at (513) 686-1250 to find out when their street was last serviced.
  • City crews are unable to pick-up piles of leaves or brush when parked vehicles are on top of the piles or blocking the piles. During the fall collection season, these piles will be picked up the following week when the vehicle has been moved.

The fall curbside leaf pick-up service ends on December 8.