City Council passes resolution regarding natural gas pipeline safety

Blue Ash City Council passed a resolution on September 14th expressing concern regarding requirements for siting natural gas pipelines. This resolution is in response to Duke Energy’s proposed Central Corridor Pipeline project, which would primarily run through Blue Ash, Evendale and Reading.

The resolution advocates for policies and regulations intended to reduce the likelihood of accidental damage to pipelines, and help reduce adverse impacts in the event of the pipeline failure. Additionally, the resolution recommends to the State of Ohio that legislation be passed to add public safety to the siting criteria for the Ohio Power Siting Board. Read the full resolution here.

In 2017, the City of Blue Ash filed a motion to intervene in Duke Energy’s proposed Central Corridor Pipeline. The intervention was filed on March 31, 2017, following the OPSB’s acceptance of Duke’s application. Blue Ash City Council has continuously voiced opposition for the project, due to environmental and safety concerns.

For more information on the pipeline, visit and search case number 16-253-GA-BTX